Dating the Stock Market

10 Key Mindsets You Need to Excel as a Trader

Stock trading seems so simple. Find a stock, click buy and wait. Later, click sell and money is deposited into your account. Perhaps you do this a few more times with success. With each win you become more convinced that you are in sync with the market, never realizing that you just got lucky. Then one day, when you least expect it, the eventual loss comes followed by another and before you know it you have given all your winnings back, and then some. What once seemed simple is now frustratingly difficult.

Are you tired of giving your hard-earned money to other traders? Have you asked yourself, why can’t I figure this out? Do you want to take your trading to the next level?

In Dating the Stock Market, you will learn that your mindset towards the markets and yourself can make all the difference to your success. This is useful information as you cannot change the markets, you can only change your interaction with the market. Once you realize that the gap between loosing and making money in the financial markets is within your control, you have taken a step towards becoming a consistently successful trader.

Your job as a trader is to become a consistently successful trader. To do that you need to work with the market, not against it. You must ensure a loss from one trade does not contribute to further losses. You need to develop a winner’s mindset and improve your trading psychology.

Dating the Stock Market identifies 10 key areas you need to be aware of as you begin your journey towards understanding the markets and yourself. You will uncover why you need a consistent approach when entering the unpredictable financial markets. By understanding how to use your edge, in combination with money management, to get into and out of the markets you will begin to see how you can get to the next level. 

In the midst of market uncertainty, prior to entering a trade, you need to quantify how much you are willing to risk to achieve a potential reward, the probability that you will be right and where you will exit the trade, when proven wrong. To help you with this, Monte Carlo simulations are used. 

This book uses a dating analogy to align the emotions and feelings experienced when dating to those encountered by a trader such that you can use internal references to deal with the challenges of trading. Start your journey towards becoming a consistently successful trader today by reading Dating the Stock Market.

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Dating the Stock Market

10 Key Mindsets You Need to Excel as a Trader

Chapter 1: “Creation Versus Consumption”

The mind used to create a plan is not the mind you use to trade

Chapter 2: “The Need for Consistency”

Describes why the trader who does the right things consistently will become successful

Chapter 3: “Surviving a Loss”

Details why a trading loss is just a loss and says nothing about you as a person

Chapter 4: “Is It the Market or You?”

Identifies multiple ways the market can change direction leading to a loss versus trading errors

Chapter 5: “The Winning Percentage”

Identifies the winning percentage you need and how many losses in a row you can handle

Chapter 6: “Are You a Base or Home Run Hitter?”

What constitutes a winning trade and why you should consider scaling out of trades

Chapter 7: “Balancing Short and Long-Term Objectives”

Using Monte Carlo simulations to demonstrate the variability of a trading plan

Chapter 8: “Dating the Stock Market”

How to define your risk and profit targets before you enter the trade

Chapter 9: “Your Trading Plan”

Parts of a trading plan and how to write one – example provided

Chapter 10: “Putting It All Together with a Working Trading Plan”

Designing a logical system and a review of actual trades

Chapter 11: “Epilogue”

Trading the stock market is a probability game, learn to think in probabilities.

Dating the Stock Market

10 Key Mindsets You Need to Excel as a Trader

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